Life Coaching

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Here are some things my clients have shared about our sessions together…


I needed to change the path I was on. I wanted to activate a plan that would make my journey more genuine focusing on awareness and accountability. Melissa was my guiding light as I crawled, bringing me to my feet. She diligently kept track of me and the commitments I promised myself. When I fumbled she reminded me to be kind to ME and gently helped me evaluate and restructure my plan. Between our sessions Melissa checked in with me intuitively knowing a few encouraging words would be appreciated. Since I was miles away we skyped and I found this an effective way of communication. Now I’m working on my own using the tools Melissa helped me realize, enabling me to stay on track.”  – Jennifer


Life often deals us with situations that leave us wondering how can we get past them. We all have these moments because we are humans. I recently went through a very challenging experience that left me feeling very sad. Melissa offered to coach me and in a very short period of time, 45 minutes, I was restored to feeling great and back in control of my feelings, instead of my feelings controlling me.

She helped me to access my inner wisdom through intuition, imagery and getting me to feel my feelings. Through her exercises I was able to regain my perspective of who I am and this helped me to regain my perspective.

I would recommend Melissa’s coaching to anyone who needs to reconnect with themselves to find healing. We all need help in a complicated world. Melissa is a gifted facilitator and I highly recommend her to you all. Together we find healing.”
-Cindy Brody


Since I began coaching sessions with Melissa, I’ve revealed untapped potential in living many different dimensions of my life. I’ve got plans and self-accountability to make positive changes and communicate to others and remind myself what I need and want from life.” -L.D.


I really enjoy my coaching sessions with Melissa. This is what I want. The insight and feedback are just want I need. She has great intuition!” -V.E.


Working with Melissa felt very conversational. I already trusted her right off the bat. At no point did I feel like I was being judged. It was so productive for me. I felt like I could walk away with a plan, with actionable steps. I also felt very unwound where before I didn’t even know I was wound up and tense. It’s sort of like ripping off the band aid.” -E.M.