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Come visit my new website at where I offer tips and tools for personal transformation and growth. Here is a little sample…

     Hello, this is your Life calling! Embracing Those Wake-Up Call Lessons


     What was your Wake Up Call moment? I’m talking about that moment where time stood still, when the meaning of it all crystallized for you, and you knew you would never forget this moment. These are hyper-real moments, like the birth of a first child, or the death of a parent or someone close to you. Perhaps it was a profound communion with nature or a rare encounter with a wild animal, and you felt something stir deep inside of you. You knew you would never be the same again. Click here for more.

With the launch of this separate site, will serve as a place for all my personal writerly musings to live. For those of you just joining me here, it was this very blog that served as my life raft which ferried me over the chasm of despair and uncertainty, and into a new realm of possibility and dreams. The love and support of my readers was so instrumental in keeping me feeling connected and still useful while marooned to my living room for months during recovery from breast cancer surgery and treatment.


I continue to write as I am still processing and growing, and at times still face the fallout of uncertainty that came from this diagnosis. I am also finding a lot of connection with other people who are in various stages of cancer treatment, or facing other struggles and who gain a feeling of community and support in the readership of this blog. I hope that my words bring you feelings of hope, resiliency and courage, and above all that you know you are not alone.



October 15-16, just weeks before my birthday, we will walk 39.3 miles all over Manhattan to the finish line at the Brooklyn Bridge. Make a tax deductible donation, or take the pledge and register to walk with me in the fight to End Breast Cancer!
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