A Day to Celebrate

I was looking at photos of myself from 2 years ago and could barely recognize myself. Being a Scorpio, I find my November 6th birthday usually filled with a measure of heaviness and reflection that somehow suits these colder days marked by less foliage and daylight. This birthday feels different. After a good cathartic cry yesterday, I came to the beautiful revelation that the worst is behind me now. Chemo is kicking my butt, however I see little glimmers of light at the end of the tunnel . Last year on this day, I was oblivious to the dark days to come. I was “happy” in an endlessly busy, tired and semi-unfulfilled way. I bet you know what I mean. But so much crap has fallen away as unnecessary. In its stead is a crystallized awareness of what gifts are hidden in each present moment. I could list them but that would take me from the present birthday cake that is waiting for me. I bow my head and make a wish for so many more moments of clarity, appreciation and truth for me and for us all.



10 thoughts on “A Day to Celebrate”

  1. I hate that you’ve had to travel this path, but I’m grateful for the growth and clarity it seems to be bringing. I’m also thrilled to celebrate YOU today–the fierce-yet-gentle, wise, and all-around beautiful spirit that you are. Happy Birthday, Melissa. Thank you for continuing to share of yourself. Much love.<3

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