Water, my Dirty Little Secret

I’m guilty for relishing too long in a hot shower, getting licked and lashed by each lavish drop, distractedly brushing my teeth, preferring to wait and warm my washcloth.

I don’t want to take this precious commodity for granted, so casually slipping over and through my fingers down the drain.

Next time I’ll take her and hold her in my hands.

Feel her wetness all around me,

inside of me

and thank her.

Find out about Niagara Company’s proposed Cooper Lake Water Grab

We’re all in the Same Boat/Think Every Drop

Save Cooper Lake

Stand up against water Privatization!

Cooper Lake 3
photo by Evelyne Pouget


4 thoughts on “Water, my Dirty Little Secret”

  1. Thank you for sharing Mellie!
    PLEASE don’t forget http://kingstoncitizens.org this is where the information is coming from. This is where the spearheading and steady even approach to this effort is rooted… Please let people know that they can get clear and CURRENT and whole picture info here. This is a big and important issue, and needs to be scoped with a wider view than just cooper Lake.
    As we face a Politically Charged, tax payer funded Corporate Water Grab, I am encouraging everyone to become educated…

    This sunday at noon (til 3:00) we will be screening Tapped and answering questions on the proposal.

    Please come.

  2. You deserve this guilty pleasure! At least once in a while. Cooper Lake and the Great Mother will forgive you. It’s funny how little things like a long, hot shower or soft sheets give our ravaged bodies when we’re going through chemo.

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