Mastectomy Tattoo Options

I am still a ways off from being tattoo ready. There will be a period of healing after this next surgery. Just yesterday, my husband and I were discussing tattoos of fake nipples vs. some other type of tattoo to cover my scars. Mostly he wants me to feel happy with my body, but I could tell that he was baffled by the idea of some other image on my breasts. I could sense too that he misses those familiar pink areolas looking back at him.

Personally I am not interested in replicating nipples. They would serve as impostors and constant reminders of what was taken from me. Even the best, most realistic tattoo artist couldn’t change the way I feel inside about this. I saw a video today about Day and it made me tear up. I could so relate to these women. One of the women put it so perfectly when she talked about the fact that she didn’t choose this to happen, she didn’t choose these scars, but she could choose her tattoo. There is something so powerful about transmuting a difficult or negative experience into something you can own, to lift your head up, shoulders back and see yourself in the mirror… really See and Love yourself, and feel beautiful. It doesn’t take ink to do this, but for some it may help the metamorphosis into who you want to be now that your body and life have been forever altered. As they say on the Day website, “Breast Cancer doesn’t have to leave the last mark”.


9 thoughts on “Mastectomy Tattoo Options”

  1. You’ll know when you’re ready and what’s right for you, Melissa. I found my transformation in Gen “Pistol” Gordon at Guts n’Glory in Rosendale. She did a custom design of cherry blossoms (because I was diagnosed in the spring…and to me they also symbolize rebirth) that trace the lines of my scar. I wrote about it here: It even gave me the strength to go to a “naked” spa.

      1. I’m so happy I could make you feel that way, Melissa! Thank you so much. This made my Easter morning. It feels like church. I would be happy to show you in person someday. (We live part-time between Kingston & Rosendale.) Part 2 to this story is being able to be “naked with strangers” at a Korean spa, one of my indulgences pre-cancer. I was able to do it again, with a little help from my “Angels.” This piece was in Ravishly and picked up by Huffington Post Woman. I hope I helped:

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