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Hello, thank you for joining me here! This site was born out of a shocking breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 36. It was this very blog that served as my life raft which ferried me over the chasm of despair and uncertainty, and into a new realm of possibility and hope.

Instead of hiding out with my pain, this act of writing and sharing opened me up to a whole new world of love and support, my readers instrumental in keeping me feeling connected while marooned to my living room for months during recovery from breast cancer surgery and treatment.

I couldn’t find resonance with the notion of being a “survivor” during treatment, but I see myself now as a “Thriver”. I coach people of all ages and stages of life, many who have gone through a life altering experience and are seeking to find meaning, connection and purpose. To learn more about my coaching work come visit me at

I hope that my words bring you feelings of hope, resiliency and courage, and above all that you know you are not alone.