The roller coaster continues

After a wonderful and inspiring weekend at the Omega Institute, taking a workshop called Foraging and Feasting, I came back Monday and reality set in deep like a weight on my chest. Being new to the cancer scene, I am shocked at how much disconnect there is between various facilities and Dr. offices and how on top of everything and everyone you must be. If I wasn’t so organized, persistent and such a big self advocate, no one in the system would give a hoot about my outcome.

My insurance company turned down the second request for Sloan Kettering, stating that there were surgeons within the network who could treat me. That hurt. I don’t have the time and energy to fight this further only to be nickle and dimed the whole way. Plan C… Joey and I met with a new surgeon at the Dyson Center at Vassar today. He was very reassuring and felt competent and spent a long time with us making sure all our questions were answered. They also helped me make my first appointment to see an Oncologist. I was given a few numbers for Plastic Surgeons to do the reconstruction part of my surgery (which is done at the same time as the mastectomy, thankfully, with additional steps afterwards). I don’t have a surgery date scheduled yet, but wanted to give you an update. Things are coming together… but slowly. It’s been a very anxious time for us… for me.

In closing, I’d just like to say thank you for the outpouring of love and support that came with the release of this first blog post. I was stunned by the generosity and caring that flowed in the days that followed. I was worried initially what it would be like for this news to go public, but afterwards, I felt as though a thousand hands were at my back. I felt buffered as if all my friends and family were like, “We got you… and you’ve got this. You will get through this and be OK.”




8 thoughts on “The roller coaster continues”

  1. You are right, Melissa – all your friends and family DO have your back, and we’ll support you through this whole thing. It’s good to know that things are coming together, albeit slowly, and thank you for keeping us posted with your blog. Lots of love and hugs from PLEX.

  2. Melissa I have another friend who used the Dyson Center for her surgery and had a very positive experience.

  3. Love is. You are, We do… ❤

    Surrounding you from all sides. Here there and everywhere. Day, night, morning, noon… You can use the phone or email, or the Universal Remote HelpDesk…. 😉 reach out in any moment and know that our hearts are wrapped around you. Anything sweet Melissa. You never have to question your need for us… We are ready with what you need. If one of us doesn't have it, another will. PLEASE ask. And don't hesitate for a second.

  4. Hi Melissa, you’ve been on my mind a lot these days. I’m wearing the bracelet you gave me every day and sending healing thoughts and love your way. I’m so glad you’re doing thie blog! And yes, you’re surrounded by love and support. Any time you want to hike again or grab tea or whatever please let me know. Anything you need, I’m here! Sending lots of love to you and your family, xoxoxo, Jess

  5. Melissa,
    Thanks for continuing to keep in touch and keep those who love you informed so we can support you. I loved your analogy of feeling like you have a thousand hands on your back. Because you do. And two of them are mine. I don’t know how you feel about feet (some pepole are grossed out)…. but if you’re not, then they are on your back as well, holding you you up when you need it. Sending love and light to you my friend!

    Jen Dulin

  6. that’s right girlfriend, we got you and your family….
    and YOU GOT THIS!!! i believe in you! and if i can help at all with the organizational and other insurance parts…i got the skills baby! 🙂 xoxoxoxoxo

  7. Hi Melissa,
    Going public and using this blog as a vehicle to keep everyone up to date was a great choice. Vassar should be ideal for you. We haven’t called since you went public because you now have lots of close people to share you fears, questions, and decisions with. However, you should feel “bombarded” with our spiritual energy. We certainly feel you and Joey pulling at our hearts. Our love and emotional support are with you continually. We’ll be seeing you in July. I and Barbara love you dearly……

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