All in All, A Very Good Day!

Melissa’s surgery was a success today. We got the news we wanted so badly to hear: Her sentinel lymph node tested negative for cancer cells! Thank God! Thank all of you! Melissa’s resting now, I’m here to watch over her. If all looks good we will be discharged tomorrow afternoon.  – Joey


21 thoughts on “All in All, A Very Good Day!”

  1. Joey, thank you for the update. Melissa is a special individual. and I know everyone sends their best thoughts and prayers to you, Melissa, and your family. Love, Win Harper

  2. All of our love! …Our prayers continue to come. Call on us for anything. -The Yonnetti Family

  3. Thank God! Sending Love and continuing to send prayers and good energy! You all are Loved and held! Heal well, Dear Melissa!

  4. Been thinking of you all day…relieved and happy to hear the good news. Love you both, Fran and Tom

  5. So very happy to wake up to this update Joey. So happy to hear the wonderful results. Sending you our love, good energy and wishes for a speedy recuperation. We love you all.

  6. There is hope and strength to be found in the blessings of this news. Continue to be strong and in control of your destiny. Prayers of healing, rest and love come your way. If at anytime you need anything…whether it be 2 am – 2 pm or anytime between, please don’t hesitate to give a call, shout, email etc. with our love and support, Rick & Sherry

  7. In the midst of this challenge, there is grace… As you have set your intentions to survive and heal, so I am sending prayers for you to not only surmount but thrive. With blessings and love, Melissa,

  8. Thank you for the update Joey! So happy and relieved to hear this news! Lots of love and strong wishes for rapid healing and recovery to all of you!

  9. I am so happy for your family. This really is great news !!! Your goodness and love will shine on infinite 🙂

  10. Thinking of you every day, Melissa! Hope you are healing step by step, moment by moment. Much love, Sarah

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