Where the light seeps in

After a lovely afternoon with my dear friend Joyce, I was reminded of some surprising areas of lightness that have come, little wisps of humor to sweep aside the heaviness and worry in this breast cancer journey. For even a moment, any humor found is a life boat worthy of jumping on. My son, although… Continue reading Where the light seeps in


Hanging Tough

There is a power to be harnessed in your inner toughness. I have to admit that from the get-go, I have not resonated with the pink ribbon campaigns, with the survivor mentality and verbage. I did not feel like fighting or being tough... that meant that I was a victim in some way. I have not… Continue reading Hanging Tough

Shedding Layers of Me

What is a woman without her breasts? Without her fertility? Without her hair... eyelashes, eyebrows? What is a woman too sick and sore to hold her baby, to cook for her husband? What is a woman who can't drive a car and doesn't feel well enough to contribute at work? Underneath, what will be there… Continue reading Shedding Layers of Me