When You Cut Away the Risk, What is Left?

What is TRUE and what is just convenient to tell your patients? Is there a lack of current data, or does my doctor lack understanding in this particular area? Is it just too uncomfortable and inconvenient for her to tell me the truth or is she worried about legal culpability, imagining some future lawsuit and… Continue reading When You Cut Away the Risk, What is Left?


I Have a Secret

I have a secret. It is hidden away underneath my shirt, and only revealed under the most private and intimate of circumstances. I reveal myself to only a select few. My husband, my mother, my aunt, a very few of the closest girlfriends will catch a glimpse. I took for granted my natural born nipples.… Continue reading I Have a Secret

Scar Tissue

The brain heals memories like scar tissue. Little pockets of betrayal, oozing pustules of heartbreak, shards of anger encapsulated, slowly covered up by a thin layer of skin and hardened there. If you’re lucky, if you massage the memory just a little but not too much, you’ll end up with a scar you can live… Continue reading Scar Tissue

Mostly I Feel Grateful

I manage with a healthy dose of denial. Don’t waste too much of your day fretting over what is further down the pike. Just get through today, chin up, with an occasional look down so you know where the next foot is landing. I knew this surgery was looming, and tried to brush off the… Continue reading Mostly I Feel Grateful