Canary in a Coal Mine

I'm not sure I would have said this a year ago, but I'm glad it was me. Could I have been strong enough if it were my sister, or my mother? I'm glad I found that lump early and having removed all breast tissue, my run-in with hereditary breast cancer will be put to rest shortly… Continue reading Canary in a Coal Mine


Dabbling in Spirituality… the seekers journey

I am a devout Dabbalist. Meet Catholic School girl, turned Presbyterian by choice in middle school; intrigued by Native American Shamanism in college; honorary Jew as a counselor at a sleep away Jewish camp; moved to Woodstock -seeped in Buddhism, Holism, Kabbalism and crystal worship/healing; worked at the Omega Institute, which started from the inspiration… Continue reading Dabbling in Spirituality… the seekers journey